Product Care

Warranty Protection

This Blauling watch is warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Customers will have the right to have any functional defect of the movement repaired free of charge, provided that it is recognized by the authorized service station as manufacturing defect instead of damages resulting from abusive use of the product.


  • This warranty only comes into force if the warranty certificate is fully completed and stamped by an official dealer and presented with the corresponding purchase invoice.

  • The warranty does not cover non-movement parts, including battery, as well as other wear and tear of all kinds, repairing of which would be charged.

  • All freight charges involved in the repair service are borne by the customers.

Care of Your Watch

  • Exhausted battery will cause damage to the movement if left for a prolonged period of time. Please have the battery replaced by an authorized service station to ensure normal operation of the watch.

  • Sophisticated parts are not shock resistant, please avoid any intense knocking or falling so as to prevent loosen parts which affect the accuracy of the movement or cause malfunction.

  • Avoid exposing the watch to temperature extremes to prevent moisture from accumulating in the movement or under the glass. Moisture will cause oxidation of the movement parts and caused problem.

  • To ensure proper water resistance ability of the watch:

1. Don’t pull the crown when the watch is in water.

2. Avoid wearing the watch in warm shower or during sauna even if the watch is water resistant.

3. Thermal expansion and contraction due to high temperature will accelerate aging of the water resistant ring and will affect the water                 resistance ability of the watch.

4. Aged water resistant ring affects the water resistance ability of the watch, so it is advisable to replace the ring once every one to two years.       Please request/accept replacement of the ring.

  • Take off watches with leather bands while washing hands. Leather bands are not water resistant.

  • Please remove the protective film on the back cover and clean the watch regularly with a clean dry soft cloth to avoid sweat and stain from damaging the outer part of the watch.

  • Never try to open the case since dust will affect movement operation.

  • Avoid exposing the watch to strong magnetic field (e.g. television) to ensure operation accuracy.

  • For watches with calendar, always adjust hands in clockwise direction to 6 o’clock position before calendar setting. This will avoid unwanted damage or tearing of the movement wheel which will result in non-functioning of the movement.

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