About the Company

Faithtex Sarl is established in Switzerland in 2005. Our maxim is to build success on the trust of end-consumers, not customers. This drives us to insist on aesthetic design, & commit on fine quality and craftsmanship. To remind our faithfulness to the end-consumers, we incorporate the words "Faith" in the name of company as FAITHTEX.

About Blauling

Blauling, a symbol of artistic beauty, is a Swiss made watch that always charms and delights you. Inspired by the dazzling glass traditionally created on the Venetian island of Murano in the northern Italy, Blauling has developed its own culture known as "MuranoAesthetics" and "Geometric Aesthetics", through which to interpret beauty related to the nature and the feminine concept. This makes design become charming and accessible, and the core value of “sharing” in Blauling is then realized.

The principal themes are about the nature like insects, birds, blossom, and landscape, and the feminine conceptual ideas. Its design is characterized by interesting artistry, romantic coloring and fine craftsmanship, and this together with the prong-setting of cubic zirconia on decorative bezels, fine mother-of-pearl dial, and Swiss Ronda movement, makes you feel the charms and delights of Blauling.

Blauling breaks the traditional properties of inaccessibility in art; make it become your portable art piece, and let you enjoy the wearable beauty.

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